Revolutionary Silicone Roofing TG

A durable white coating for flat roofs, applied over the existing (up to 30 years old) situation resulting in a lifespan extension of +25 years. Reflection of the white coating ensures a lower temperature in the space below and more yield from any solar panels. Finish is seam free, permanently flexible and waterproof.

Specialist in aerosol spray cans

As a specialist in aerosol cans, we would like to get in touch with you to provide you with more information about our solutions. In addition to small batches, we can also fill and deliver hundreds of spray cans per day. In addition, we offer the possibility to take care of the labeling completely according to your wishes.

Experience the new way of cleaning

Our cleaning cloths are more than just cloths. They are efficient and economical in use, resulting in savings in both economic and environmental terms. Our wipers are ideal for picking up all kinds of liquids, such as oil, hydrocarbons and grease, and are also suitable for water-based liquids.

Coating for concrete swimming pools

In addition to advice and putting together a complete package consisting of a primer, Acraton Dolphin set, thinner and all supplies that do not fall under paint, we also offer the option of applying the coating completely. We do this throughout Europe. In addition to the standard colours, we can also produce and apply custom colours.