Paint Supplies & Accessories


Paint Supplies & Accessories

Lely Coatings supplies a wide range of non-paint articles from various renowned suppliers. Our range consists of articles that are frequently used in paint shops. You can think of the following product groups:

  • Sanding/Abrasives
    For every application in various qualities, dimensions and sizes.
  • Spray equipment
    Loose spray guns and parts. Parts of spray equipment, but also complete paint pumps are supplied by us and professionally installed if desired.
  • Brushes
    Various sizes and qualities of paint brushes, rollers and associated holders.
  • Cover materials
    Different sizes of masking paper and various types of tape.
  • Paint supplies
    i.a. mixing cups with various capacities, paint strainers, measuring sticks, stirring sticks and mixing bars, DIN cups, adhesive and cleaning cloths, wet coating thickness gauges, etc.
  • Personal protection articles
    i.a. various types of gloves, dust masks, half and full face masks, earplugs, blasting gloves, trousers and smocks, blasting windows, various qualities of spray overalls, etc.
  • Other articles
    Various qualities of filler, sealants and sealants, aerosols, polishing products, cleaning and paint stripping agents, electronic coating thickness gauges, etc.


  Brands Non-Paint

    A small selection from our range:

    • Motip
    • Belton
    • Anza
    • Sia
    • Kip
    • Colad
    • Protek
    • Sagola
    • Anest Iwata
    • 3M
    • Gerson