In the animation above we explain the Cool Roofs by Lely Coatings to you.

Revolutionary roof cooling and sustainability for flat roofs

Are you looking for a solution for leaks, an outdated roof covering or do you want to achieve your sustainability goals? Lely Coatings offers the perfect solution with “Cool Roofs” for high-quality flat roofs. Our white seamless roofing, made of durable silicon, is suitable for different types of roofing and extends the life of your roof by no less than 25+ years. Moreover, with our Cool Roofs you contribute to a more sustainable future.



There’s more good news!

Our liquid roofing has a reflection index (SRI) of no less than 95%, which ensures a pleasant temperature under the roof, less energy consumption for cooling and an increased yield from solar panels. In addition, this finish is seamless, flexible and waterproof. This means you don’t have to worry about leaks.

With the investment in Cool Roofs by Lely Coatings you not only save on maintenance and replacement costs in the long term, but also on energy costs. Choose durability and comfort with our high-quality liquid roofing.

With Cool Roofs by Lely Coatings you enjoy many benefits, such as:

  1. Lifespan extension of the roof from 25+ to 50 years.
  2. Kiwa certified and sustainable in accordance with NEN-EN 1297-1:1994 and non-flammable in accordance with NEN 6063:2019.
  3. 10 year product warranty, optionally with an insured warranty.
  4. Suitable for different types of roofing such as bitumen, PVC and EPDM, but also applicable to wood, concrete, stainless steel, among others.
  5. Lower repair and maintenance costs.
  6. Compared to replacing a roof, the price of the coating is significantly lower.
  7. Environmentally friendly, urban heat island effect is reduced, roof temperature max 40 vs. above 80 degrees with a black roof.
  8. Increasing the yield of any solar panels.
  9. The binder is made of silicon, a durable material found in sand.
  10. Waterproof and permanently flexible. (400% stretch).

For more information, advice and a quote, please contact Lely Coatings. Cool Roofs from Lely Coatings the seamless, cooling and life-extended roof covering.

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Would you like to learn more about our silicone roof coating? Watch our informative videos now! Discover the benefits, applications and installation techniques of Cool Roofs by Lely Coatings.

For more information about our Silicone Roofing TG, please visit our supplier’s website. We are certified and trained by Global to sell this coating, inspect roofs and apply the coating. We do this together with our certified application partner Stef, click on the logo for more info:

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White – Gray – Black

We have partners throughout the Netherlands who take care of this for us. In addition, we currently work abroad on a project basis and will expand this further in the future.

Product warranty is 10 years, in addition there is also the possibility to take out an insured warranty (including application).

Yes, we provide a processing manual and there is always a Cool Roofs specialist to watch.

This should be done on dry days. Between 5 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius.

Yes, Silicone Roofing TG can be painted over very well. When the surface is properly cleaned, the new coating layer will adhere without any problems. Please note, this must be a Silicone Roof Coating!

Yes, the coating is very easy to touch up. When the surface is properly cleaned, a new layer can be applied. A fleece can also be used for larger damage.

A white bituminous finish has an average reflection value of 35-40%. Cool Roofs by Lely Coatings has a starting reflection of 90%.


We are happy to help you if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment with one of our colleagues.

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Sebastian Umbreit, Managing Director Lely Coatings