Specialist in aerosol spray cans

OEM applications

  • We supply thousands of aerosols to various international OEMs in 1K, 2K or waterborne
  • In any desired color and gloss level
  • Everything in one hand: From color and OEM label development to storage and distribution
  • Conversion from international coating to European coating
  • Customer benefit – a unique product, with its own branding and part number – this is not a standard aerosol but an OEM Approved Part

Powder coating repair paints

  • Transport or handling damage are a common problem in the powder coating world
  • We have the solution: powder coating repair paints in aerosols
  • All colors and gloss levels are possible and even aerosols with a fine texture

Your water-based paint in an aerosol, a real challenge

  • In many cases we have the solution to also offer a water-based paint in an aerosol
  • Also available as semi-finished product
  • Ask for the possibilities  

We would like to get in touch for more information about our aerosol solutions. In addition to small batches, we can also fill and deliver hundreds of aerosol cans per day. We also take care of the labeling according to your wishes. 


With frequent use of aerosol cans, we have an easy solution to achieve a beautiful spray pattern and to prevent fatigue. Our spray can handle is very easy to use and reusable time and time again.


Are you interested in our aerosol cans and would you like to request a quote or are you looking for suitable advice? We would like to invite you to contact Lely Coatings. You can always call: +31 (0)76 5035188